The Alexapure® Story

Passionately Innovated. Pioneered for Perfection

New Life.
Fresh & vibrant, free of the past, essential for the future.

This is the inspiration behind the Alexapure® family of products. When Matt Redhawk and his wife were expecting their first child, he turned his focus to the future of his growing family.

Getting ready for the birth of his daughter was not unlike preparing for an emergency. He wanted to make sure she would always have what she needed to be healthy and self-reliant. At the top of his list was safe drinking water, the most precious of life’s necessities.

. . . . .
. . . . .

The Quest Begins ...

Matt searched for years to find an affordable, efficient water filtration solution. However, his quest for the "holy grail of water filtration" was unsuccessful. According to Matt, "It did not exist, so we set out to invent it."

That's why our first water filtration system, the Alexapure Pro went through a number of painstaking modifications and stringent tests before Matt and his team were satisfied.

The end result? A line of water filtration systems that uses the most advanced technology, at a price that’s affordable for every home.

When it came time to name this new brand, Matt was reminded of what started his quest: his daughter, Alexandra. The Alexapure family was born.

The Quest for A Safer, Healthier Future Continues...

Matt realized that he couldn’t just stop at clean water. He started thinking seriously about the air his family breathes every day.

However, he knew that any air purification system we created would have to meet the same high standards as the rest of the Alexapure family of products. It had to innovate on existing technologies. It had to deliver on our promise to provide superior performance and affordability.

After years of development, the Alexapure Breeze was set to revolutionize home air purification. Its unique 4-stage purification process and IonCluster technology meets or exceeds performance standards of leading competitors. The best part? It costs a fraction of other “high-performance” units.

Made for Our Family,

Perfected for Yours

"Some companies just want to cut corners and make the cheapest product possible, completely lacking innovation. Others will tell you they have the best, but it will cost you."

As Matt or any other parent can attest, when your family’s welfare is at stake, you simply don’t cut corners. And you certainly don’t want to pay extra for no good reason.

The entire Alexapure line is made for our families and perfected for yours. We relentlessly pursue innovation and perfection because we know what’s at stake.

We hope you’ll join us in our quest for cleaner and safer water and air.